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Breed Health Report 2016

I am pleased to advise members that following committee approval a new page has now been added to the club website. The page is specific to the health of our breed but will also cover general canine health matters. It will be updated to keep members informed of any development in existing issues and to also provide health information derived from Kennel Club reports and other sources of information.

The web page initially includes details of the following topics -

Documents available for download are highlighted in blue

        Give a Dog a Genome

- It is likely that all members are now aware of this scheme and why the Animal Health Trust are working with the Kennel Club in collecting DNA samples from a number of breeds to set a baseline from which breed specific health issues may be identified and future health testing will be possible.

The cost of testing a dog from each breed is 2,000.00 but the Kennel Club are funding 1,000.00 towards this. All five UK Westie breed clubs agreed to jointly fund the remaining 1,000.00 required to enable the participation of our breed. Since that time Barbara Hands kindly offered to donate a portion of proceeds resulting from the sale of one of her paintings to fund the cost. I am sure that all members will join the officers and committee of this club in thanking Barbara for her donation.

Breed Health Co-ordinator Elaine Hughes has been the main point of contact with the Animal Health Trust and is liaising with all clubs on progression of the scheme.

Included is the initial Q&A document sent to breed clubs in regard Give a Dog a Genome.

        Cranio Mandibular Osteopathy (CMO)

- Details of the findings of a recent scientific study on CMO are included in the web page. As CMO is found with the highest frequency in our breed it is advisable that we should all take note. Although not believed to be a common health issue it certainly exists and some exhibitors are actively trying to eliminate this condition through testing and selective breeding.

Testing for CMO has been possible for some time now, initially through a laboratory in Switzerland then another in Finland. More recently it has been possible to send buccal swab samples for analysis to Laboklin located in the U.K. Costs are lower than those charged by the overseas laboratories and Laboklin give a discount to K.C. Assured Breeders. Details can be found on the Laboklin website www.laboklin.co.uk


An ever growing problem in the U.K. particularly in the South East of England. Here is  a very useful 'Be Lungworm Aware Map' on their website https://mypetandi.elanco.com/en_gb/lungworm-map

A quick check using my own post code revealed 815 cases reported within fifty miles of my home. This is not inconsiderable and members are advised to check to see just how serious the problem is in their own area and then seek veterinary advice on prevention.

        Judges Health Monitoring Annual Breed Summary.

Results taken from judges health monitoring forms submitted to the Kennel Club following a Championship Show appointment are collated and used to provide this annual report. The report for 2015 is included. (Please click here...)

 What the Kennel Club Does For Dog Health Report

 Kennel Club publication noting all actions taken by the KC to improve canine health.



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