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BEST DOG and BIS : Kimgarwyn Apollo RES BEST DOG and RES BIS Lindenka Brannigan
BEST BITCH Lindenka Brydeen RES BEST BITCH Birkfell Sorrel
BEST PUPPY : Davot Chivalrous Chap

2002 Northern Open Show

Judge Mr R.Hooper (Yorsar)

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog (no entries)
Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (1abs.)
Class 3 Puppy Dog (3)

No 1 Dingley’s Davot Chivalrous Chap dob 10-12-01 Br/Owner. Sire Ch Charosmack Clogdancer Dam Palibriken Chime of Freedom for Davot
No 2 Milner’s Juanne Jaunty Jack Tar dob 7-2-02 Br/Owner. Sire Ch Newtonglen Convenanter of Rozamie Dam Joanne Gin’N’ Ice
No 3 Strand’s Westlake Gold Sovereign dob 101-02 Br/Owner. Sire Incherill Firecracker Dam Westlake Band of Gold

Puppy Dog+ Best Puppy Davot Chivalrous Chap

No 1 Davot Chivalrous Chap

Class 4 Junior Dog (1abs.)
Class 5 Novice Dog (3,2abs)

Class 6 Graduate Dog (6,2 abs.)

No 1 Wilson and Hills Trethmore Timekeeper dob 1-3-98 Br./Owner Sire Trethmore Tracker Dam Trethmore Timeshare
No 2 Atkins’ Abercroft Akira dob 4-10-00 Br./Owner Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam Abercroft Abeauty
No 3 Davot Chivalrous Chap

Graduate Dog Trethmore Timekeeper

No 1 Squire’s Kimgarwyn Apollo dob 18-9-01Br./Owner Sire CH Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (imp) Dam Kimgarwyn Lucky Charm
No 2 Hayton’s Haycross Haytime dob 30-6-98 Br Jenkinson Sire Ch.&Ir.Ch. Killynether Kavanagh Dam Pepabby Pride of Highcross
No 3 Wilson and Hills Trethmore Tradition dob 17-3-99 Br./Owner Sire Ch.Chatterdale Country Manor Dam Trethmore Tiz Suzy

Mid Limit Dog+BIS Kimgarwyn Apollo

No 1 Purchon’s Lindenka Brannigan dob 1-4-99 Br./Owner Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam Lindenka Zippity Doo Dah

Class 7 Mid Limit Dog (9,5abs.)

Class 8 Open Dog (2,1abs)

Open Dog+ Res Best Dog+ Res BIS Lindenka Brannigan

No 1 Purchon’s Ch Lasara Lindi at Lindenka B. dob 14-10-91 Br Graham Sire Lasara Look sharpe Dam Ch Lasara Lullaby
No 2 Clarke’s Ashgate Leny D. dob 1-9-95 Br Thomson Sire Ch Ashgate Lecky Dam Ashgate Skirza
No 3 Windram’s Naughty Non B dob 19-12-92 Br Edwards Sire Jumbo Jim Dam Twtsi White Lord

Class 9 Veteran Dog or Bitch ( 6,2abs)

Veteran Dog or Bitch No 1 Ch Lasara Lindi at Lindenka B
No 2 Ashgate Leny D

No 1 Squire’s Kimgarwyn Star Turn dob 6-4-02 Br/Owner Sire Lasara Lonely One Dam Kimgarwyn Lost Star
No 2 Lancaster’s Clanestar Cydney dob 25-4-02 Br/Owner Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam Kristajen Carefree Spirit with Clanestar

Class 10 (Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1abs)

Minor Puppy Bitch Kimgarwyn Star Turn

No 1 Squires Lasara Look At Me dob 20-1-02 Br Graham Sire Ch Kirsma Streetwise Dam Ch Lasara Love Me Too
No 2 Carmichaels Alchez Tinsel Time dob 31-12-01 Sire Trethmore Timekeeper Dam Yulike Dressed to Kill at Alchez
No 3 Wests Tomlyndon Tetaya dob 8-12-02 Br/Owner Sire Ch Lindenka Quigley Dam Tomlyndon Pride of Freian

Class 11 Puppy Bitch ( 6 ,2abs)

Puppy Bitch Lasara Look At Me

No 1 Clarke’s Roscafin Arrena of Lynnsto dob 15-9-01 Br Cox Sire Ch Ashgate Sinclair Dam Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin
No 2 Willson and Hill’s Trethmore Time To Stay dob 16-5-01 Sire Trethmore Tradition Dam trethmore Time Share

Class 12 Junior Bitch ( 4 ,2 abs)

Junior Bitch Roscafin Arrena of Lynnsto

No 1 Trethmore Time To Stay
No 2 Berry’s Ashgate Sandavore dob 22-5-01 Br Thomson Sire Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (imp) Dam Ashgate Skene

Class 13 Novice Bitch (3,1abs)

Novice Bitch Trethmore Time To Stay

No 1 Clelands Birkfel Sorrel dob 22-11-00 Br/Owner Sire Inverglen Brigadier Dam Birkfell Snow Blossom
No 2 Carmichael’s Alchez Teela Twice As Nice dob 1-7-00 Br/Owner Sire Alchez Action Man Dam Yulike Carmen Sutra
No 3 Roscafin Arrena of Lynnsto

Class 14 Graduate Bitch (11,7abs)

Graduate Bitch +Res Best Bitch  Birkfel Sorrel

No 1 Carmichael’s Yulike Great Expectations at Alchez dob 12-2-00 Br. Thompson Sire Stirling Silver by Ashgate Dam Yulike Spitting Image
No 2 Dingley’s Davot Chy Anne JW dob 15-9-00 Br./Owner Sire Ch Charosmack Clogdancer Dam Pallibriken Chime of Freedom for Davot
No 3 Cleland’s Birkfell Silver Dream dob 25-5-99 Br/Owner Sire Ch Kristajen Casterspell Dam Birkfell Silver Sixpence

Class 15 Mid Limit (5,2abs)


No 1 Purchon’s Lindenka Brydeen dob 1-4-99 Br./Owner Sire Ch Krisma Streetwise Dam Lindenka Zippity Doo Dah
No 2 Dingley’s Pallibriken Chime of Freedom for Davot JW dob 29-5-98 Br Rushby Sire Vallange Victorious Dam Davot Choice Lace at Pallibriken

Class 16 Open Bitch (7,5abs)

Open Bitch +Best Bitch Lindenka Brydeen
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