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Results Southern Open Show 2002 Judge Mrs R.Dunne(Charosmack)

Best Dog Mellor’s Jillso Just Jazz

Reserve Best Dog Griffith’s Karamynd Up And Buzzing

Best Bitch + BIS Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Spirit

Reserve Best Bitch Jones’ Earsdale Scarlet Ribbons

Clanestar Careless Spirit BIS

Jillso Just Jazz  BOS

Madrabawn Queen  Maeve Best Puppy In Show

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (3)
 Hope and Johnson’s Beranholt So Scrumptious B dob19-11-01 Br Owner By Ch Charosmack Clogdancer x Madrabawn Doreiann Lady
2nd  Bancroft’s Hollowview Commander D dob 21-1-02 Br Owner By Kimgarwyn Silver Star at Holloview x Hollowview Polyanthus

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (6)
 Dingleys  Davot Chivalrous Chap  dob 10-12-01 Br. Owner By  Ch Charosmack Clogdancer X Palubriken Chime of Freedom via Davot JW
2nd  Bartlett’s Rozamie Dance Master  dob 18-11-01 Br Magri By Newtonglen Karamynd Kasanova  x Rozamie Rosemary
3rd  Graham’s Lasara Looks Like Trouble dob 20-1-02 Br. Owner By Ch Krisma Streetwise x Lasara Love Me Too

Class 3 Puppy Dog ( 2)
Wickson’s Belle Vue Just Duncan dob 2-10-01 Br T Squire Ch Jillso Just For Me  X Belle Vue Striking Diamonds
2nd Thomson’s Ashgate Roscafin St John  dob 15-9-01 Br.J.Cox Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Ashgate Lunna at Roscafin

Class 4 Junior Dog ( 4)
 + RES BEST DOG Karamynd Up And Buzzing dob 17-7-01 Br Owner Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Burneze Best Wishes to Karamynd
2nd  Owen’s Egremont Making Waves dob 5-7-01 Br Owner Ir Ch Belle Vue Total Eclipse x Bournehaven Justina
3rd Hooper’s Yorsar Cardross dob 11-4-01 Br Owner Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Yorsar sauchie

Class 5 Novice dog (1)
1st  Karamynd Up And Buzzing

Class 6 Graduate Dog (6)
Karamynd Up And Buzzing
2nd Egremont Making Waves
3rd Sweetzer Ambalasi Firecracker dob 16-2-00 Br Owner Ch Benary Specious x Benary Spells Ambition

Class 7 Mid Limit Dog (3)
 Rose’ Jopeta Fash Harry dob 14-3-00 Br Owner Hillsted Super Trouper x Jopeta Charismatic
2nd  Prtichards Elmeon Highlamd Garry dob 20-1-94 Br Willoughby Ch Ashgate Bern Era x Elmeon Classic Romance

Class 8 Open Dog (8)
 + BEST DOG Mellor’s Jillso Just Jazz dob 26-3-98 Br Owner Ch Jillso Just For Me x Jillso Jazz Be-Bop
2 nd Broom’s Gilbri Century Port 0-6-99  Br Owners Ch Gilbri New Edition x Gilbri Evangelica
3rd  Clarke’s Ashgate Leny dob 1-9-95 Br Thomson Ch Ashgate Leckie x Ashgate Skirza

Class 9 Veteran Dog or Bitch (2)
 Bayliss’ Blue Bell Brora dob 1-6-88 Br Cook Famecheck Periwinkle x Mistletoe of Famecheck
2nd  Elmeon Highland Garry

Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (10)
Best Puppy In Show Wailings’  Madrabawn Queen Maeve dob 9-12-01 Br Owner Ch Krisma Streetwise x Belle Vue Pretty Lady of Madrabawn
2nd  Jones’ Earsdale Penny Forum 29-11-01 Br Owners Ashgate Stanley x Braw Lass at Earlsdale
3rd Thomson Blandsgill Skara of Ashgate dob 16-1-02 Br Packett Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (imp) x Ashgate Awlabahtit

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (7)
Jennings Comdale Classic dob 18-9-01 Br Owner Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (Imp) x Comdale Grand Cassatta
2nd Graham’s Lasara Ladies Maid dob 14-10-01 Br Owner Lasara Lonely One x Lasara Let me See
3rd  Dent’s Royal Cartier Miss Elegant at Lesanthas dob 10-12-01 Br Smith Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate (imp) x Royal Cartier Elegance

Class 12 Junior Bitch (10)
1st + Res Best Bitch 
Jones’ Earlsdale Scarlet Ribbons dob 12-3-01 Br Owners Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Rotella Incognito at Earlsdale
2nd  Bartlett’s Dwilencia City Girl dob 24-7-01 Br Owner Ch Krisma City Slicker x Lasara Love Me Do with Dwilencia
3rd  Lasara Ladies Maid

Class 13 Novice Bitch (4)
 Lasara Ladies Maid
2nd  Gill’s Cloonbeggane Party Popper dob 19-12-00 Br Owner Ch Jillso Just For Me x Sarmac Real Whizzbang
3rd  Filmore’s Karagem Sloane Ranger dob 19-12-00 Br Owner Ch Krisma Streetwise x Belle Vue Baby Cham of Karagem

Class 14 Graduate Bitch (8)
 Fox’ Patnor Swet Dreams at Hillsted  DOB 2-9-00 Br Robinsons Hillsted Super Trouper x Lavender Sunrise at Patnor
2nd  Thomson’s Ashgate Scot’s Sagacity dob 23-5-01 Br Owner Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ch Kintilly Highland Wisdom at Ashgate
3rd  Wilshaw’s Domaroy Much Ado dob 29-1-01 Br Owner Ch Lasara Loyal Spirit x Domaroy Highland Heather

Class 15 Mid Limit Bitch (4)
 Sizmore’s Lamsmore Floraness dob 13-9-00 Br Owner Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Ashgate Iolaire of Lamsmore
2nd  Mellor’s Belle Vue Maid For Jillso  dob 20-3-00 Br Squire Ch Krisma Streetwise x Belle Vue Striking Diamonds
3rd  Packett,s Ashagte Saint Clair at Blandsgill 4-12-98 Br Thomson Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Ch Ashgate Sassy

Class 16 Open Bitch (9)
BEST BITCH + BIS Lancaster’s Clanestar  Careless Spirit dob 3-10-99 Br Owner Haweswalton Soldier Soldier x Kristajen Carefree Spirit with Clanestar
2nd  Griffith’s Hopecharm Full of Deelite of Karamynd  dob  24-7-00 Br Fryer Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Hopecharm Full Of Promise
3rd  Brooms’ Gilbri Plaid Maid  dob 18-12-00 Br Owner Ch Gilbri New Edition x Gilbri Made To Order