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Summer Open Show 2005

Set to go. Show opened at 10.30 Free tea and coffee was available to welcome everybody

Starting with  an excellent  trim demonstration  given by Mrs J Griffith (Karamynd)

Followed by Dancing To Music of Holly Barrington and her Cabon Sea Maiden.


Then there was the Fancy Dress Competition .  Winners were the Bride and Groom.

Dancing to music

Summer Open Show 2005 Results & Photos

Judge Mr R Donachie (Joelbridge)

No1 Kinchin’s Fosseleigh Shogun D dob 8-10-’04 Br Cobb -  Fosseleigh Picasso x Fosseleigh Lucretia

No 2 Rusthead’s Jasmine Foxy Lady B dob 20-9-’03 Br Owner - Bellevue Foxtrot with Angilgate x Ashgate Hilean Lass at Rusthead

Class 1 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (3,1 abs)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (6,3 abs

No1 Coley’s Kingsview Macfly dob 9-12-04 Br Owner - By Ch Krisma Streetwise X Ch Kingsview Will O The Wisp

No 2 Thomson’s Ashgate Sheriff dob 18-11-04 Br.Owner - By Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ashgate Sonas

No 3 Kabel’s Llovall All Shook Up dob 14-11-04 Br Owner - By Llovall Artful Dodger x Llovall Luck Be A Lady

Class 3 Puppy Dog ( 9,4abs,)

Fosseleigh shogun
Kingsview Macfly1
Kingsview Macfly -Ashgate Sheriff
Ashgate Sheriff

No 1& Best Puppy In Show & Res Best Dog & Res BIS Jenning’s Comdale Prizefighter  dob 6-11-04 Br Owner- Ch Ashgate Scots Progress  X Comdale She’s The One

No 2  Clarke’s Lynsto Pellam dob 28-9-04 Br.Owner- Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Roscafin Arrina at Lynnsto

No 3 Irwin’s Rishtte Counterblast dob 19-9-04 Br Owner - Ir Ch Rishtte Snow Counter x Rishtte Scottish Union

Comdale Prizefighter in class
Lynsto Pellam

Class 4 Junior Dog ( 3,1 abs )

No 1 Bennett’s Helfulhether Lucky Dip dob 20-7-04 Br Owner - .Ch Ashgate Scots Progress x Helfulhether Heavenly

No 2  Kinchin’s Fosseleigh Shogun

Helfulhether Lucky Dip
Fosseleigh Shogun  in class

Class 5 Novice dog (7,4 abs)

No 1 Clarke’s Lynnsto Cool & Luke dob 14-9-04 Br. Owner - Ashgate Leny x Lynnsto Princess Aurora

No 2 Bennett’s Helfulhether Lucky Dip

No 3 Thomson’s Ashgate Sheriff

Lynnsto Cool & Luke
Helfulhether Lucky Dip in class

Class 6 Graduate Dog (7, 2 abs)

No 1 Fox’ Hillsted Step By Step dob 29-10-03 Br Owner -  Ch Krisma Jammy Dodger x Burlmere Sweet Serenade at Hillsted

No 2  Mealing’s  Reifrandus Tom Faggus dob 20-12-03 Br Owner- Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Zinos Lorna Doone

No 3 Cooper’s Crinan Chance On Me dob 10-2-03 Br Hands - Karamynd Up And Buzzing x Crinan Celtic Blessing

Hillsted Step By Step
Reifrandus Tom Faggus

Class 7 Mid Limit Dog (7, 2 abs)

No 1 Legg’s Westfire Mr Tom 11-01-02 Br Owner- Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Hillcloud Icecracker

No 2 Kabel’s Llovall License To Thrill 21-9-02 Br Owner - Ch Krisma Streetwise x Llovall All Of Me

No 3 Barrington’s His masters Voice dob 10-4-02 Br Sarsan - Memorable Hot Shot x Reem Regal Lady

Westfire Mr Tom -2
Llovall License To Thrill

Class 8 Open Dog (8, 2 abs)

No 1& Best Dog & BIS Squire’s Kimgarwyn Alco dob 26-10-03 Br Owner -  Kimgarwyn Apollo X Lasara Look At Me

No 2 Dingley’s Davot Chivalrous Chap 10-12-01 Br Owner - Ch Charosmack Clog Dancer x Palubriken Chime of Freedom via Davot

No 3 Gallop’s Maedhlyn Licence to Thrill dob 20-03--03 Br Owner - Ch Jillso Just For Me x Maedhlyn Moonlight Sonata

Kimgarwyn Alco
Davot Chivalrous Chap

Class 9 Veteran Dog or Bitch (8,3 abs)

No 1 Milner’s Joanne Gin’N’Ice dob 9-5-98 Br. Clowes - Juanne The Jouster X Just An Ace

No 2 Gallop’s Maedhlyn Maol Moire dob 30-10-95 Br Owner - Herwish High Roller x Maedhlyn Keness Lovely Katie

No 3 Harper’s Westigo Senza dob 12-04-98 Br Owner - Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Fossleigh Calpurnia at Westigo

Joanne GiníNíIce
Maedhlyn Maol Moire


Class 10 Minor Puppy Bitch (5,3 abs)

No 1 Hayton’s Silver Senorita at Pedrohay dob 27-1-05 Br Lewis - Kimgarwyn Alco x Lamsmore Miss Campbell

No 2 Rose’s Jopeta Dancing Diva dob 25-12-04 Br Owner - Ch Ashgate Scotts Progress x Treplevna Little Madam

Silver Senorita at Pedrohay
Silver Senorita at Pedrohay -2

Class 11 Puppy Bitch (8,4 abs)

No 1 Sizmore’s Lamsmore Neave dob 17-10-04 Br Owner -  Ch Ashgate Scots Progress x Lamsmore Floraness

No 2 Cooper’s Ashgate Camellia dob 16-09-03 Br.Owner - Ch Ashgate Ivanhoe x Ashgate Arum Lily

No 3 Jenkinson ’s Highcross Crimson Charm dob 2-10-04 Br Owner -Ch Kristma Streetwise x Highcross Cameo

Lamsmore Neave
Ashgate Camellia

Class 12 Junior Bitch (5, 3 abs)

No 1 Bennett’s Helfulhether Sky’s The Limit dob 4-8-04 Br Owner - Ch Karamynd High As A Kite x Ashgate Amazing Grace

No 2 Smith’ Royalcartier Sweet Dreams dob 22-2-04 Br Owner - Ch Ashgate Scotts Progress x Royalcartier Elegance

Helfulhether Skyís The Limit
Royalcartier Sweet Dreams

Class 13 Novice Bitch (10,6 abs)

No 1 Fox’s Hillsted Sweet Liberty dob 29-10-03 Br Owner - Ch Krisma Jammy Dodger x Burlmere Sweet Serenade at Hillsted

No 2 Ashgate Camellia

No 3 Harper’s Westigo Scampanata dob 30--01-04 Br Davies - Ch Ashgate Scotts Progress x Westigo Senza

Hillsted Sweet Liberty
Ashgate Camellia

Class 14 Graduate Bitch (19,7 abs)

No 1 Lancaster’s Clanestar Cloudancer dob 02-11-03 Br Owner -Ch Kristajen Casterspell x Clanestar Cydney

No 2 Legg’s Westfire Adelka dob 5-03-03 Br Owner-- Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Hillcloud Icecracker

No 3 Smith’ Highcross Cascade dob 19-4-03 Br Jenkinson - Pepabby Punchinello x Highcros Cameo

Clanestar Cloudancer in class
Westfire Adelka

Class 15 Mid Limit Bitch (9,4abs)

No 1 & Res Best Bitch Griffith’s Karamynd Paws For Applause dob 5-2-03 Br Owner- Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit For Karamynd x Hopecharm Full of Deelite at Karamynd

No 2 Clarke’s Lynnsto Late Nigth Special dob 29-11-01 Br Owner-  Zinos Errol by Ashgate x Sharrodlea Minuetto of Lynnsto

No 3 Lancaster’s Clanestar Cinnamon JW dob 19-11-02 Br Owner - Ch Lindenka Quigley x Kristajen Carefree Spirit with Clanestar

Karamynd Paws For Applause
Lynnsto Late Nigth Special

Class 16 Open Bitch (18, 5 abs)

No 1 & Best Bitch & BOS Jenning’s Comdale Shes The One dob 2-7-03 Br Owner -  Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Comdale Classic

No 2 Davis Ashgate Amaryllis dob 13-05-03 Br Owner -  Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x Ardelve Elliedaise by Ashgate

No 3 Squire’s Kimgarwyn Little Mo dob 21-1-03 Br /Owner -  Ch Lindenka Brannigan x Ch Lasara Love Me Too

Best Bitch & BOS- Comdale Shes The One
Ashgate Amaryllis


BIS Challenge


BIS Challenge2

BIS - Kimgarwyn Alco

BIS - Kymgarwyn Alco-2
BIS-Kimgarwyn Alco-RBIS-Comdale Prizefighter-BOS-Comdale She's The One

BIS-Kimgarwyn Alco-RBIS-Comdale Prizefighter-BOS-Comdale She's The One


BOS-Comdale She's The One


RBIS& BPIS -Comdale Prizefighter


Doreen Lancaster (Clanestar)- Jean Abbey (Kristajen)  - Robert Hill(Olton)