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Summer Open Show 2008
Judge Mrs S Sizmore  (Lamsmore)

Line up12

Special Beginners dog (1, 0)         

1. Elliott’s Cassie of Rosegarden Br.Exh dob 30/08/07 (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim to Ashgate x  Sasha Of Sedge Rose)       

Cassie Of Rose Gardemn

Minor Puppy dog (2,0)

1. West’s Karamynd Playing Away At Tomlyndon Br. Griffiths dob 13/12/07 (Ch. Karamynd Play The Game JW x Ch. Karamynd Paws For Applause)
2. Gill’s Cloonbeggane One Whizz Kid Br.Owner dob 23-11-07(Ch Bellevue Caught in The Act At Jillso x Cloonbeggane The One  And Only)

Karamynd Playing Away At Tomlyndon

Puppy Dog (3,1)

Gilbri Williwontie

Best Puppy In Show  
Gilbri Williwontee

1. Best Puppy In Show Mr & Mrs Gaydon’ Gilbri Williwontee  Br. Owner dob 17-10-07
     (Ch. Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Winstonant Royal Ruby for Gilbri)
2.Kabel’s Llovall Aint Misbehavin Mr Br.Owner dob 16-08-07 (Llovall Leader of the Pack x Llovall All That Jazz)

 Junior dog (3,0)

1. Best Dog & Best In Show Britten’s Krisma SpitNPolish Br.Owner dob 30-06-07
(Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Krisma Trouble in Mind)
2. Smith’s Royalcartier Entertainer  Br.Owner 04-07-07 (Ch Karamynd Play The Game x Royalcartier Sallachy)
3. Minett’s Candido Du Moulin De Macgregor Br.O’Connor  dob 17-02-07
(Int.Ch. Touch of Class Du Moulin De Macgregor x Souppe Au  Lait Du Moulin De Macgregor)

Best In Show
Krisma SpitNPolish

Krisma Spit N Polish

1. Mr & Mrs Gaydon’s Gilbri Williwontee 

Novice dog (2,1)

1. Macbean’s Bellevue Going Dutch With Pryorvale Br.Squire dob 23-09-06
(Ch Bellevue Careless Spirit x Bellevue Caught U Looking
2. Shaw’s Matheron  Mc Vitie Br.Owner dob 19-11-06 (Ch Krisma Jammy Dodger x Matheron Miss Edition)

Graduate dog (3,1)

Bellevue Going Dutch With Pryorvale

Mid Limit dog (4,1)

1. Hill & Wilson’s Olton Aye Sweater Man Br.Owner dob 08-10-05 ( Ch Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate x Olton Aye Bonne Chance)
2 . Gill’s Cloonbeganne Celtic Tiger Br.Owner dob 18-07-06 (Ch Karamynd High As A Kite x Cloonbeggane Party Popper)
3. Sweetzer’s Ambalasi Firefly Br.Owner dob 01-01-05 (Ch Ashgate Scott’s Progress x Benary Spell’s Ambition)      

Open dog (2,1)

Olon Aye Sweater Man

1. Res. Best  Dog Atkin’s Kimgarwyn Crusader At Abercroft Br.Squire dob 29-10-04 (Kimgarwyn Apollo x Lasara Look At Me)                

Kimgarwyn Crusader At Abercroft1

1. Best Veteran Bacon’s Cabon Sea Song Br.owner  dob 27-02-00 (Ch Ashgate Sinclair x Cabon Sea Jasmine)

Minor Puppy bitch (8,3)

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)

1. Fearn’s Westfearns Molly Macrea Br.Owner dob 03-12-07 (Ashgate Innes Biggles ShCM x Kenmillix Sweet Candy Girl)   
2. Lancaster’ Clanestar Careless Affair Br.Owner dob 19-12-07 (Kristajen Know It All x Clanestar Careless Spell)
3. Kabel’s Llovall Lady Sings The Blues Br.Owner dob 14-01-08 ( Llovall Leader Of The Pack x Davot Carry On Llovall)  
4. Gill’s Cloonbeggane  One Class Act Br.Owner dob 23-1-07 (Ch Bellevue Caught In The Act At Jillso x Cloonbeggane The OneNOnly)
5. Kabel’s Llovall As Mama Said Br.Owner dob 14-01-08 ( Ashgate US Patriot x Llovall Anything Goes)    

 Puppy Bitch (6,0)

Westfearns Molly Macrea

1. Best Puppy Bitch Macbean’s Pryorvale Swing Time Br.Owner dob 25-09-07 (Duskhunter Team Spirit x Matheron Mischief Maker Of  Pryorvale)
2. Mr & Mrs Gaydon’s Gilbri Charisma Br.Owner dob 17-10-07 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Winstonant Royal Ruby  At Gilbri)
3. Britten’ s Krisma SpickNSpan  Br.Owner dob 2430-06-07 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Makeit for Karamynd x Krisma Trouble in Mind)        
4. Kabel’s Llovall A Fine Romance Br.Owner dob 16-08-07 (Llovall Leader Of The Pack x Llovall All That Jazz)
5. Hayton’s  Pedrohay Silver Rosebud Br.Owner dob 27-09-07 (Ch Lindenka Delta ex Silver Senorita At Pedrohay)

Junior bitch (4,1)

Pryorvale Swingtime

1. Sweetzer’s Ambalasi Full Of Ambition   Br.Owner dob 13-03-07 (Ch Ashgate Scott’s Progress x Ambalasi Full Of Charm)
2. Chambers’s Circinus Winning Ambition  Br Owner dob 08-06-07 (Ashgate Sheriff ex Circinus Snowdrop Beauty)
3. White’s Dragonsway Ice Maiden Br.Cummins dob 17-04-07 (Sh.Ch Ashgate Innes Biggle x Waterflow Tammy)   

Novice bitch (8,2)

Ambalasi Full Of Ambition

1.Fearn’s Kenmillix Sweet Candy Girl  Br.Warner dob 20-04-06 (Ch. Ashgate Aros x Little Miss Candy Floss)
2.Mealing’s Reifrandies Gansie Maid Br.Owner dob 12-08-02 (Reifandies First Clansman x Zinos Lorna Doone)     

Graduate bitch (4,3)

Kenmillix Sweet Candygirl

1. Res. Bitch Dingley’s Davot Chi Ki JW Br.Owner dob 24-08-06 (Multi Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Davot Chill Out)
     2. Mealing’s Reifrandies Mingay Br.Owner dob 14-04-06 (Ch Ashgate Scots Progress x Reifandies Gansie Maid)
     3. Hooper’s Yorsar Fivepenny Borg Br.Owner dob 12-06-06 ( Ch.Ir Ch Ashgate Scot’s Progress x Yorsar Fernie)
     4. Shaw’s Matheron Vanilla Thrilla Br.Owner dob 19-11-06 (Ch Krisma Jammy Dodger x Matheron Miss Edition)
     5. Fearn’s Kenmillix Sweet Candy Girl      

Mid Limit bitch (6,1)

Davot Chi Ki

1. Best Bitch, BOSReserve Best in Show West’s  Tomlyndon Look Of Love  Br.Owner dob 07-09-05 (Ch.Lindenka Brannigan x          Lasara Libra At Tomlyndon)
2. Kabel’s Davot Carry On Llovall  Br.Dingley dob 24-08-06 (Ch Markstown Mr Havasu x Davot Chill Out)
3. Bacon’s Cabon Sea Breeze Br.Owner dob 30-10-05 (Reifandies Tom Faggus x  Cabon Sea Song)
4. Morton’s Earlsdale Little Brite Star Br.Jones  dob 03-12-02 (Ch Karamynd Up And Buzzing x Braw Lass For Earlsdale)
5. Hayton’s Silver Senorita At Pedrohay  Br.Lewis dob 27-01-05 (Ch Kimgarwyn Alco JW x Lamsmore Miss Campbell)   

Open bitch (7,3)

Reserve Best in Show   
Tomlyndon Look Of Love

Tomlyndon Look Of Love2

1. Dingley’s Davot Chance Encounter JW Br.Owner  dob 10-10-05 (Ch Ariostea Pilgrim To Ashgate x Davot Chy Anne JW)
2. Morton’s Charosmack Crystal Secret At Swifdon  Br.Dunne dob 04-03-06 (Can.Ch Havasu Hob Goblin x Ch Charosmack Cool Secret)
3. Gill’s  Cloonbeggane The One And Only   Br.Owner dob 07-02-05 (Ch Hopecharm Willie Make It For Karamynd x Cloonbeggane             Missattitude)
4. Hill & Wilson’s Olton Aye Bonne Chance Br.Owner dob 04-09-03 (Int.Ch Sonnyboy Of Jericho x Charosmack Aye Chance Of  Olton)

Davor Chance Encounter

The day started with a talk by a KC representative about the accredited breeders scheme

Talk on KC Scheme
Talk on KC Scheme2

Mrs Shirley Hooper was presented with a rose bowl as a sign of the appreciation from the Club for all her years  hard work as Secretary in spite of very serious illness with support from Mrs Sue Thomsom .

Shirley Hooper

Followed  by a  competition of fancy dress, which was enjoyed by all

Fancy Dress7
Fancy Dress8
Fancy Dress9
Fancy Dress10