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Judge:  Suzanne MacBean

June 2018


Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the open show. It was a lovely hot summer day and the Pimms party went down well. Thank you.

Minor Puppy Dog

Lilmill Pick Pocket

1st   Lilley and Milling’s Lilmill Pick Pocket. Good strong puppy in the making although a little nervous on the table. Big head with deep stop and well placed ears. Nice shoulder flowing into short back. Tail on top. Hard coat. Moved well when settled. Best Puppy Dog

Junior Dog (3,2 absent) 1st Carlin & Gillott’s Lizandycris Paco Rooban. Lovely strong young dog. Good head short muzzle, deep stop, ear placement correct. Shoulders flowing into short back. Good bend of hock which made him move with drive. Hard coat.

Mid Limit Dog

1st  Squire’s c

The Dashing Devilís Macho Man
Lindenka Iím Dexter

2nd Purchon’s Lindenka I’m Dexter. Another good well made dog who held his shape on the move.

Open Dog

1st Gale’s Bocans Bolt to Bellevue. A solid dog with great head, short back, tail on top with plenty of furnishings and a well groomed coat. Moved with drive . Reserve Best Dog

2nd Bradbury’s Gelmoore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay. Good head and shoulders, longer in the back than my first. Moved well

Minor Puppy Bitch

Bocans Bolt to Bellevue& gelmoore Midwinter Magic at Fourastay

1st  Lancaster’s Clanestar Careless Moon. What a lovely baby. Just 6mths. Lovely head with big teeth. Flowing shoulder, short back. Hock well bent and moved with drive for one so young at her first show.

 2nd Lilley & Milling’s Lilmill Catch Me If You Can. Another nice puppy with good head and stop. Large teeth, good shoulder with short back. Hard coat with tail on top and moved well.

Puppy Bitch

Clanestar Careless Moon1

1st Harper’s Westigo Full of Cheek.  A little show girl in the making. Correct head, big teeth. Good lay of shoulder flowing into short back, hard coat, tail on top. Well bent hock which gave her movement with drive. Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Show

 2nd Davies' Swifdon Late Night Special. Good head with big teeth, nice shoulder and deep body. Tail well set. Moved well.

Junior Bitch

Westigo Full of Cheek2

1st Mitchell's Lynnsto Pandora’s Box. Nice head with deep stop, ear placement correct. Good shoulder, a little long in the back. Hard coat. Moved well.

Graduate Bitch (3) 1st  Harper’s Westigo Flirty Gertie.  Feminine bitch with lovely head . Good shoulder going into short back. Tail on top . Great rear angulation, moved with drive. Hard coat.

 2nd Morton’s Swifdon Silent Miss Chief. Nice size bitch,good head and stop. Neat front and shoulders. Moved well.

Mid Limit Bitch

Lynnsto Pandoraís Box

Bradbury’s Lizandycris Misschieves at Fourastay. Strong bitch, lovely head, well laid shoulders. Hard coat. Good rear angulation, moved with drive. Reserve Best Bitch

2nd Gale’s Bellevue Gossip Catcher. Another nice bitch. Short and compact, head not as strong as my 1st. Moved well.

Open Bitch

Lizandycris Misschieves at Fourastay

Davison’s Lynnsto That’ll Do Nicely at Braxquin. Lovely bitch, up to size. Groomed to perfection. Good head and stop. Well placed shoulders, short back. Good rear angulation, moved with drive. Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show

Lynnsto Thatíll Do Nicely at Braxquin
BIS2018Line up

Lynnsto That’ll Do Nicely at Braxquin - Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show

The Dashing Devil’s Macho Man. - Best Dog, Best of Breed and Best in Show

Westigo Full of Cheek.  -  Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Show

Pimms 2018
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