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2022 Open Show, Pimm’s Party and Queens Jubilee Celebration Event.

June 3rd, 2022

 Judge Christine Morton (Swifdon)

Best in Show : Eason’s Andjoliam Silent Witness
Reserve Best in Show & Best Opposite Sex: Edmondson’s Highcross Prosecco At Pepabby

Best Puppy in Show: Thomson’s Ashgate Kelvin

Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Burns’ Burneze Hello Dolly

Best Veteran in Show: Gale’s Ch Bocan’s Bolt To Bellevue

Special Beginner Dog or Bitch (1)

1st Zhukov’s Ashgate Affric (D) - dob: 12/09/2020 Br. S. Thomson  Ch Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate x Ashgate Auchinlay

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st Burns’ Burneze He Who Dares Wins - dob: 24/11/2021 Br.Exh  Ch Krisma Jump Start   x Burneze Mirror Image
2nd Owen’s Egremont Male Order - dob:03/11/2021 Br.Exh  Bellevue Double Shuffle x  Egremont Happy Go Lucky

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Thomson’s Ashgate Kelvin - dob: 18/08/2021  Br.Exh  Ch Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate x Ashgate Keepsake

Junior Dog (1)

1st Burns’ Burneze Here Comes Trouble dob: 29/03/2021  Br.Exh Ch Burneze I’m Still Standing x Ch Burneze Our Marnie

Novice dog (0)

Graduate Dog (4/2)

1st & Reserve Best Dog  Fox’ Hillsted Same Difference  dob 06/05/2020  Br.Exh Ch Hillsted Same Again x Ch Hillsted Sweet Mystery ShCM
2nd Eason’s Andjoliam Star Is Born  dob: 10/06/2019 Br.Exh. Karamynd Star Player At Ashgate x Hopecharm Indystars Over Andjiliam

MidLimit Dog (4)

1st Gale’s Bellevue Street Trader - dob: 12/01/2019  Br.Exh. The Dashing Devil’s Macho Man (Imp) x Bellevue Hot Mail
2nd Foster’s Thozow Master Of The House - dob: 27/11/2018 Br.Exh. Ch Hillsted Same Again x Thozow Edelweiss
3rd Corri’s Inverglen Piper - dob: 16/10/2019 Br.Exh. Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest JW x Frisbech Flower Girl
4th Owens’ Frisbeck Guitarman - dob: 03/05/2016 Br.Exh Ch Inverglen Banjo x Kirsten Jane

Open Dog (4/1)
1st Best Dog & Best In Show : Eason’ Andjoliam Silent Witness -dob: 14/01/2018  Br.Exh. Ch Karamynd Play The Game x Andjoliam Appolonnia
2nd Davison’s Hopecharm Midnight Cowboy For Braxquin - dob:07/01/2019 Br. Fryer  Hopecharm Space Cowboy x Hopecharm Fleur De Nuit
3rd Bradbury’s Fourastay Fountayne - dob: 01/10/2018  Br.Exh. Ch/Multi Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest x Lizandycris Misschieves at Fourastay

Open Dog (4/1)

1st Gale’s Ch Bocans Bolt To Bellevue - dob:10/02/2013  Br. Steemson Aus/NZ Ch. Bocans Strictly Business x Bocans Fancy That
2nd Ch Hillsted Masquerade At Thozow - dob: 03/11/2014  Br. Fox - Ir Ch Havasu Hey Dude For Swifdon x Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted

Veteran Dog or Bitch (4/2)

1st nBurns’ Burneze Hello Dolly - dob: 24/11/2021 Br.Exh  Ch Krisma Jump Start x Burneze Mirror Image
2nd Chambers’ Circinus Dare To Dream - dob: 17/10/2021 Br.Exh. Ch Fernsunrise Fairplay To Ashgate x Charosmack Clouded Moon to Ashgate

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1st Cawley & House’s Ashgate Kirtle - dob: 18/08/2021 Br. Thoson Ch Fernrise Fairplay to Ashgate x Ashgate Keepsake
2nd Kopycka-Wright’s Leolux Jewel Of The Deep - dob:28/07/2021 Br.Exh. Strike Back The New Gryffindor x Meurig Princess Luna

Puppy Bitch (3/1)

1st Noyce’s Maxula Vanilla Ice Cream - dob: 19/01/2021 Br.Exh. Hopecharm Young Pretender x Forever Friends De New Griffindor

Junior Bitch (1)

1st Filmore’s Bellevue Take A Chance With Karagem - dob: 17/02/2018 Br.Squires  The Dashing Devil Macho Man(Imp) x Gilbri Dream Maker
2nd Thomson’s Ashgate Achray -dob: 12/09/2020 Br.Exh. Ch Fernsunrise Fairplay To Ashgate x Ashgate Auchinlay
3rd Bartlett’s Blos’ Special Girl -dob: 07/09/2020 Br. Cotton The Dashing Devil’s Macho Man x Woo Woo Schnapps

Novice Bitch (0)

Graduate Bitch (4/1)

1st Fox’s Hillsted Sweet Whispers - dob:23/02/2018 Br.Exh. Ch Krisma Jump Start x Ch Comdale Miss January At Hillsted
2nd Smith’s Lingbeck Hold The Dream - dob: 06/11/2019  Br.Exh. Ch/Int Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest x Highcross Precious Charm To Lingbeck
3rd: Gale’s Bellevue Nuts N Bolts - dob: 08/04/2017 Br.Exh. Ch Bocans Bolt To Bellevue x Gilbri Town Gossip
4th Davison’s Smash Victoria Secret (Imp SWE) - dob: 29/04/2020  Br. Thomson Smash Super Cool x Smash Strength For Victory
VHC Bradbury’s Fourastay Fedora JW - dob: 01/10/2018  Br.Exh. Ch/Multi CH Tomlyndon Eager Ernest x Lizandycris Misschieves At Fourastay

MidLimit Bitch (8/2)

Hillsted Sweet Whispers

Smash Victoria Secret (Imp SWE)

1st Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show& BOS
Edmondson’s Highcross Prosecco At Pepabby - dob: 11/11/2019  Br.Jenkinson Ch Lindenka Chesterman x Highcross Crystal Charm

Open Bitch (2/1)

OB-1- Highcross Prosecco At Pepabby_small
BOB Challenge_small

Best of Breed Challenge

Highcross Prosecco At Pepabby

Andjoliam Silent Witness

BIS Line up_2_small
BIS- Andjolam Silent Witness_small

Pimms Party!

BPIS - Ashgate Kelvin_small
BVIS - Ch Bocans Bolt To Bellevue_small
RBIS - Highcross Prosecco At Pepabby_2_small
BIS Line up3
SBDorB - Ashgate Affric1
MPD _ Burneze He Who Dares Wins_2
MPD 2 _ Egremont Male Order1
PD _ Ashgate Kelvin1
JD-1- Burneze Here Comes Trouble1
GD-1-RBD- Hillsted Same Difference1
GD-2 - Andjolam Star Is Born1
MLD-1- Bellevue Street Trader_3
MLD-2- Thozow Master Of The House1
MLD-3- Inverglen Piper1
MLD-4- Frisbeck Guitarman1
OD-1- BD- Andjolam Silent Witness1
OD-2- Hopecharm Midnight Cowboy1
OD-7- Fourastay Fontayne JW1
VDorB-1- Ch Bocans Bolt To Bellevue1
VDorB-2- Ch Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow JW ShCM1
MPB-1- Burneze Hello Dolly
PB -1- Ashgate Kirtle1
PB-2- Leolux Jewel Of The Deep1
JB-1- Maxula Vanilla Ice Cream1
GB-2- Ashgate Achray2
MLB-RBB-1- Hillsted Sweet Whispers1
MLB-4- Smash Victoria Secret (Imp)_small