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Pimms Party!

BIS Line Up6
1 SBD - Charmedautum Shootin Star
1 MPD - Krisma Fine Fettle-2
2 MPD - Inverglen November Knight
1 PD - Frisbeck Horn Pipe
1 GD - Egremont Male Order
1 MLD - Burneze He Who Dares Wins-2
3 MLD - Andjolam Star Is Born
3 MLD - Hillsted Same Difference
1 OD - Thozow Master Of The House
2 OD - Ashgate Kelvin
3 OD - Inverglen Piper
1 VD - Ch Karamynd Star Player with Ashgate BD.BOS
4 V Hopecharm Indiy Stars Over Andjolam
2 V Frisbeck Guitarman
2 VD - Ch Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow JW ShCM-table
1 MPB - Krisma Winter Sun-floor
1 PB - Lizandycris The New Hope For Nossimp
1 SBD - Charmedautum Shootin Star
1 GB - Bellevue Jump To The Beat
2 GB - Llovall All By My Self
3 GB - Bellevue Take  A Chance wwith Karagem
2 MLB Ashgate Kirtle
1 MLB Cabon Sea Coral
1 OB - Hillsted Sweet Whispers
2 OB - Lingbeck Hold The Dream
BOS.BVIS - Ch Karamynd Star Player at Ashgate
BPIS - Krisma Winter Sun
RBIS - Lingbeck Hold The Dream
HC Prince Harry Trophy
VOY - Ch Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow-Shauna Fryer-Kirsten Fox
VOY - Ch Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow-Shauna Fryer-Pat Edmondson
judge thank you2

Winner of the Ch Hopecharm Prince Harry (re-imp) Top Veteran Award 2022 - Ch Hillsted Masquerade  At Thozow - owned by Lois and Nicola Foster, bred by Kirsten Fox  - award presented by Shauna Fryer

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Pimms 2


                                                                        Friday, 2nd June 2023

Judge: Mr Mark Ord (Marnadee)

Reserve Best in Show: Smith’s LINGBECK HOLD THE DREAM
 Best Opposite Sex & Best Veteran in Show: Berry’s CH KARAMYND STAR PLAYER WITH ASHGATE
Best Puppy in Show: Britten’s Krisma Winter Sun
Reserve Best Puppy in Show: Britten’s Krisma Fine Fettle

Class 1, Special Beginners dog or bitch (2 , 1 )

1st: Anthony’s CHARMEDAUTUM SHOOTIN STAR, bitch, 14.8.22, br: owner, by UK/Int/Nordic Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest ex Salmark Skye Rocket with Charmedautum


Class 2, Minor Puppy (2 ):

1st: Britten’s KRISMA FINE FETTLE, 4.11.22, br: owner, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Burneze Canny Lass  Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy in Show
2nd: Corri’s INVERGLEN NOVEMBER KNIGHT, 14.11.22, br: owner, by Hopecharm Northern Star ex Inverglen Katryna

Class 3, Puppy (1):

1st: Owens’ FRISBECK HORN PIPE, 13.6.22, br: Hurst, by Inverglen Piper ex Inverglen Masquerade at Frisbeck

Class 4, Junior (2, 2) 

Class 5, Novice: No entries

Class 6, Graduate (2):

1st: Owen’s EGREMONT MALE ORDER, 3.11.21, br: owner, by Ch Bellevue Double Shuffle ex Egremont Happy Go Lucky
2nd: Bouwhuis & Hamilton’s LLOVALL ADAM AT LADYLEIGH, 18.7.21, br: Bouwhuis, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Ladyleigh As Time Goes By at Llovall

Class 7, Mid Limit (3):

1st: Burns’  BURNEZE HE WHO DARES WINS, 24.11.21, br: owners, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Burneze Mirror Image
2nd: Eason’s ANDJOLIAM STAR IS BORN, 6.10.19, br: owner, by Ch Karamynd Star Player with Ashgate ex Hopecharm Indystars over Andjoliam
3rd: Fox’s HILLSTED SAME DIFFERENCE, 6.5.20, br: owners, by Ch Hillsted Same Again ex Ch Hillsted Sweet Mystery

Class 8, Open (3):

1st: Foster’s THOZOW MASTER OF THE HOUSE, 27.11.18, br: owners, by Ch Hillsted Same Again ex Thozow Edelweiss
2nd: Thomson’s ASHGATE KELVIN, 18.8.21, br: owner, by Ch Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate ex Ashgate Keepsake 
3rd: Corri’s INVERGLEN PIPER, 16.10.19, br: owner, by UK/Int/Nordic Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest ex Frisbeck Flower Girl by Inverglen

Class 9, Veteran Dog or Bitch (4):

1st: Berry’s CH KARAMYND STAR PLAYER WITH ASHGATE (dog), 25.5.16, br: Griffiths, by UK/Int Ch Karamynd Play The Game ex Karamynd Carnival Queen  Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex & Best Veteran in Show
2nd: Foster’s CH HILLSTED MASQERADE AT THOZOW (dog), 3.11.14, br: Fox, by Irish Ch Havasu Hey Dude for Swifdon ex Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted
3rd: Owens’ FRISBECK GUITARMAN (dog), 3.5.16, br: Hurst, by Ch Inverglen Banjo ex Kirsten Jane
4th: Eason’s HOPECHARM INDY STARS OVER ANDJOLIAM (bitch), 2.7.13, br: Fryer, by Int Ch Hopecharm Star Ship Trouper ex Hopecharm In Dee Spirit


Class 10, Minor Puppy (2, 1)

1st: Britten’s KRISMA WINTER SUN, 25.11.22, br: owner, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Hillsted Sunny Side Up at Krisma  Best Bitch Puppy & Best Puppy in Show

Class 11, Puppy (3, 1):

1st: Storey’s LIZANDYCRIS THE NEW HOPE FOR NOSSIMP, 7.6.22, br: Carlin & Gillott, by Guns Of Glory de New Gryffindor at Frazandmitch ex Lizandycris Gin N Ice

Class 12, Junior (1,1):

Class 13, Novice:No entries

Class 14, Graduate (3):

1st: Squire’s BELLEVUE JUMP TO THE BEAT, 17.7.21, br: owner, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Bellevue Blowing Bubbles
2nd: Bouwhuis’ LLOVALL ALL BY MYSELF, 18.7.21, br: owner, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Ladyleigh As Time Goes By at Llovall
3rd: Filmore’s BELLEVUE TAKE A CHANCE WITH KARAGEM, 17.2.18, br: Squire, by The Dashing Devil’s Macho Man ex Gilbri Dream Maker

Class 15, Mid Limit (5, 3):

1st: Bacon’s CABON SEA CORAL, 17.5.17, br: owner, by Inverglen Lowe N Behold x Reifandies Furzey at Cabon
2nd:Cawley & House’  ASHGATE KIRTLE, 1.10.16, br: Thomson, Ch Fernsunrise Fairplay To Ashgate x Ashgate Keepsake

Class 16, Open (5, 3):

1st: Fox’s HILLSTED SWEET WHISPERS, 23.2.18, br: owners, by Ch Krisma Jump Start ex Ch Comdale Miss January at Hillsted  Best Bitch & Best in Show
2nd: Smith’s LINGBECK HOLD THE DREAM, 13.3.18, br: owner, by UK/Int/Nordic Ch Tomlyndon Eager Ernest ex Highcross Precious Charm to Lingbeck  Reserve Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show

Best Bitch & Best in Show

Reserve Best Bitch & Reserve Best in Show

Best Bitch Puppy & Best Puppy in Show

Best Opposite Sex & Best Veteran in Show

The West Highland White Terrier Club Of England - Open Show 2nd June 2023

A privilege and honour to be invited to judge the breed club show, held alongside Southern Counties C.A. Championship Show.

Thank you to all involved and to all the exhibitors for allowing me the honour to assess your dogs. All were presented clean and in good health, not an easy task for a white dog.

Special Beginners D/B (2-1abs) :
1 Anthony’s Charmedautum Shootin Star: youngster still needing to develop in her body, ok head, good neck & front, top line held together on stack & moving, needs to strengthen in rear but moving well in front, tail well set & carried, has a double coat, could be whiter.

Minor Puppy D (2) :
1 & Best Puppy Dog. Britton’s Krisma Fine Fettle,very appealing young man with desirable head, correctly set eye & ear, firm neck fitting well into correct shoulder, short forelegs with his elbows held correctly close to body, quite mature in body & excellent balance, super presentation of a double coat, good feet fore & rear with strength in nail, moves superbly & I admired greatly. Only beaten today by his female kennel mate for Best Puppy but both are highly desirable.

2 Corri’s Inverglen November Knight, pleasing for size but very raw in development still, liked the strength of jaw & has well set eye & ears, prefer set of neck of 1, well-proportioned ribbing & length of loin which will improve with maturity, well set hocks & good tail carriage, double coat.

Puppy D (1) :
1 Owens’ Frisbeck Horn Pipe, although moving well in front, tending to stand sloppy on stack, pleasing head shape & balance, good eye, ears need to settle, double coated of good texture, correct feet & tail well set on, has well bent hocks & drives well in rear.

Graduate D (2) :
1 Owen’s Egremont Male Order steady sound movement & more positive in this than 2, presents balance in profile when stacked, lovely dark well set eye & correct ear shape & set on skull, correct neck & in good body, double coat, well presented

2 Bouwhuis & Hamilton’s Llovall Adam at Ladyleigh: good skull but would like more strength of jaw, clean front stood, well ribbed but slightly longer in loin which spoilt his balance, good tail length, set & carriage, double coat but could be closer.

Mid Limit D (3) :
1 Burns’  Burneze He Who Dares Wins, very appealing youngster who when fully matured will be tops, very appealing in head, lovely condition, has strength but not a heavy male thankfully, excellent eye correctly set, strength of neck firmly fitting into well set shoulder, elbows well held, clean in top line both stacked & moving, handled at correct pace to see his sound free action, well set tail correctly carried, pushed for top honours but I felt today just not yet ready.

2 Eason’s Andjoliam Star Is Born, compact in body with good top line, pleasing head proportions with well set ears, prefer neck placement of 1, moved soundly but slightly jaded as was 3rd but it was becoming very hot

3 Fox’s Hillsted Same Difference.

Open D (3) :
1 Foster’s Thozow Master Of The House: double coat but not the harshest of top coats, liked his shape & was balanced, good masculine head with well-set neck, pleasing front & rear which corresponded on the move, correct feet & well set tail

2 Thomson’s Ashgate Kelvin, heavier all through & a bigger dog than 1, good in head with distinct stop, slightly heavy in his loin & would benefit losing a touch of weight, double coated & correct texture

3 Corri’s Inverglen Piper.

Veteran D/B (4) :
1 Berry’s Ch Karamynd Star Player with Ashgate: 7yr old male who took my attention as soon as entered the ring, liked everything about him and is one of those dogs where your hands just flow over him, everything fitting so well together and pleasing that his movement matches, lovely free action fore & aft with no exaggerations, excellent head, double coat of correct texture and not over abundant, presented to perfection & in excellent muscular condition. Pleased to award him Best Dog, just felt by the end of the day was beginning to flag and gave way to younger females but in no way disgraced. A worthy winner of his title.  Best Veteran in Show.

2 Foster’s Ch Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow JW ShCM, another male just slightly older than 1st, masculine worthy title holder still in excellent hard condition, lovely head with expressive dark eyes, correctly placed ears, strength to his neck, a touch heavier in ribbing than 1, lovely sound mover, double coat well presented & handled.

3 Owen’s Frisbeck Guitarman.

Minor Puppy B (2-1abs) :
1 Britten’s Krisma Winter Sun, just turned 6 months but what a star, full of fun & vigour, feminine head with good jaw, loved her shape & has a very desirable front, top quality top line with excellent tail set, gleaming white double coat which is dense in undercoat & harsh on top, just what is required in a working terrier, very promising baby who I was pleased to award Best Puppy.

Puppy B (3-1abs) :
1 Storey’s Lizandycris The New Hope for Nossimp, feminine & pleasing height, lovely mover & very showy, particularly good drive from her rear, well set firm hocks, double coat well presented, maturing in body to come but already holds top line together well, correct tail.

2 C Shootin Star.

Graduate B (3) :
1 Squire’s Bellevue Jump To The Beat, won this class on her balanced profile & was better in rear movement. Good head with well-set eyes & ears, would like a more tapering neck, well bodied with firm top line, well set hocks & tail ;

2 Bouwhuis’ Llovall All By My Self, a slightly larger bitch than 1st, good head & neck, well bodied, slightly sloppy in her movement today, double coat, well carried tail.

3 Filmore’’s Bellevue Take A Chance with Karagem

Mid Limit B (5-3abs) :
1 Bacon’s Canon Sea Coral: feminine with good skull, well set ears, clean moderate neck to good shoulder placement, well bodied & in hard muscular condition, won class as was more positive in front movement.

2 Cawley & House’s Ashgate Kirtle dark round expressive eyes well placed on a good skull, correct ears, tending to stand wide in her front & this proved to be not as positive on the move as 1st, well put together rear & correct tail carriage.

Open B (5-3abs) :
1 Best Bitch & Best In Show, Fox’s Hillsted Sweet Whispers: 5 yr old bitch who you need to get your hands on to appreciate, she is correctly balanced & in good coat of correct texture, enough under coat, well presented, entering the ring she looked a little lethargic but once she picked herself up she just flowed around the ring with ease & precision, loved the feminine head, correct length & set of her neck, excellent shaped ribbing & short strong loin, desirable useful bitch

2 Smith’s Lingbeck Hold The Dream for me another very desirable bitch who really pushed hard for top spot. Slightly heavier in head than 1st but was of good proportion, excellent strength of jaw & correctly set ears on a strong skull, dark round eyes, in excellent body condition as was her double coat, presented to the last hair & muscular in condition, very good feet & tail carriage, although moved precise & soundly just splitting hairs thought 1 was extending more in front. Reserve Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show

 Mark Ord (Judge)